From Our Hearts to your Laps

Changing One Home at a Time

  Marino's Precious Cavaliers

The Cavalier king Charles Spaniel

Has Captured Our Heart and Home

 * Ruby Male ready December 16 th
AKC limited Registration. $2500 ready in time for Christmas Now on deposit for Phil and family!!!

new pictures just taken on 11/25/17 on Deposit for Phil

We have been busy tending the newborns and monitoring them making sure everyone gets through the first critical period of newborn life. 

Starlen and Tasha litter has arrived!!! These pups will be ready in time for Christmas. . Priced at $2500( limited Registration Pet price).  They will turn 9 weeks Dec 16 th!!

 Ruby  boy on Deposit -Gini 

ruby boy 

black and tan Boy on deposit- Cindy


Kingston and Brie ( Little Black Dress of Woodville) Pups have arrived on November 4 th, Mom and babies are doing well♥ 


Clairabella and Magic's Babies have arrived !!!! This litter is priced at $2500 pet limited Akc

5 puppies born.... 3 Tri females, 1 tri boys, one blenheim boy

Tri girl  on deposit for- Lynn 

Tri girl on deposit for Ginger

tri Boy - Tricia's Daughter Lexi and son -in-law Casey

Blen boy-Tracy T

 Deposit checks are not cashed until puppies are born and you have 

selected your puppy. We take a deposit after the first 10 days of life.

We stand behind our cavaliers 100% and offer a 1 year health guarantee,  High Quality Standards and health testing Our pups are placed with AKC limited registration unless otherwise discussed. Now in   Eastern Tennessee