From Our Hearts to your Laps

Changing One Home at a Time

  Marino's Precious Cavaliers

The Cavalier king Charles Spaniel

Has Captured Our Heart and Home

Grammy Prokopska Hevezda

Grammy is imported from Slovenia.  She is Daughter of CH Aranel Genesis. Her Breeder is Zuzana Novakova a respected show breeder and judge in the UK.    Grammy is  Heart Clear by Board Cert Cardiologist
Eye clear by Ophthalmologist...
Patellas Normal
DNA profiled
Curly Coat Dry Eye Clear
Episodic Falling Disorder Clear

These little bundles of joy are in there homes..... we kept one  and named her ...Tasha

Tasha ♥♥♥ Grammy's Daughter our little hopefull........ Our 11 yr old sons sidekick

Tasha and Gavin.....  These two are absolutely inseparable.  One of these days I fully anticipate a call home from Gavin's school... that she has been snuck in.    (Tasha daughter of Grammy)