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Changing One Home at a Time

  Marino's Precious Cavaliers

The Cavalier king Charles Spaniel

Has Captured Our Heart and Home

Aria is still are resident Diva, But emergency C-section left no choice other than to Spay her... 
AKC Marino's Precious Lady Aria of Castle Gate Landing
OFA Heart, Eyes & Patella's

Lady Aria is our resident Diva daddy's girl.  She is our first Black and tan.  She has been with us since she was 9 weeks old.. Aria is by far our favorite dog of our entire lifetime our one in a million.  If I could clone her I would lol.  My husband adores her.  She has made her way into everyone's hearts that meets her.  She is Sassy, very Princess & totally spoiled.  She struts her stuff and knows she is a  pretty girl.  She is always close by to us. Her favorite spots are under my husbands feet while he works in the office.  She is so smart sometimes too much for her own good. She is not a one person cavy which is nice. Aria sleeps with us but after a few nights she must makes her rounds to sleeps with my son Gavin too. Very personable and affectionate. She really would love to hunt our back yard bunnies, and is always looking for an opportunity to get to them . Her lines are vey good they stem from the Czech Republic.  She is truly our Diva princess‚ô• We love her so much!!