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  Marino's Precious Cavaliers

The Cavalier king Charles Spaniel

Has Captured Our Heart and Home

Little Black Dress of Woodville

Little Black Dress Of Woodville call name .. Brie is imported from France.  She is from the breeding of the amazing Late Wendy Lhote of Woodville cavaliers.  I am lucky enough to have one of Wendy's left Legacy's.  Brie is a gem to our breeding program.

Brie is independently confident , She loves to run and chase butterfly's.  She is always on the hunt finding little treasures that I do not care for.  She is a better mouse or mole catcher than any cat I know lol.    Brie has a beautiful coat.  She very much has a look to her that I seek out and desire in my whole colors.  She stamps the same look into her babies and passes her beauty into them.

Heart Clear by Board Cert Cardiologist 
Eye clear by Ophthalmologist...
Patellas Normal
DNA profiled

Curly Coat Dry Eye Clear/Episodic Falling Disorder Cleared